Le Quest Condo at Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 by Qingjian Realty

Le Quest Condo at Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 by Qingjian Realty. Near to Jurong East Region High Speed Railway Terminus

Koufu Coffeeshop at Le Quest Mix Development

Le Quest is a condominium developed by a Chinese company which targets residential as well as commercial customers. The developer for this complex formerly belonged to a Chinese group, but now appears to be working solo, and is called simply Qingjian. This company was established in the year 1952, and constructs both domestic and international projects. It also dabbles in developing real estate as well as design consultation. There will be many anchor tenants including Koufu which provide good food and feast to the residents of Le Quest.

Koufu Food Court at Le Quest Condo

Highly acclaimed, this developer has won prestigious contracts, and has a sustained ranking among the top 500 enterprises, and the top 80 contractors in China. For its efforts, Qingjian has garnered many awards and honours for outstanding trademark, enterprise, and customer satisfaction. The Le Quest project features five blocks of buildings boasting 516 units with 16 storeys. Koufu has the motto, better food, better people, better life. The physical development occupies just under 15,000 square metres, with a vast amount of gross floor area. Various layouts have been made available to prospective owners who may choose to either occupy the units themselves, or rent them out as part of their investment strategies. Koufu strives to bring about the ambience of a warm family environment whilst serving the best food to our customers,

Koufu Passion Coffeeshop at Le Quest Mix Development

The success of any development depends, to a large extent, on its location. As such, Le Quest is occupying a prime position right in the centre of Bukit Batok. It is therefore flocked by several amenities and new BTOs. The development will also feature several new shops on its first floor. Also in close proximity to the Le Quest condo is a bus interchange, as well as a shopping mall and both primary and secondary schools. There are, too, a stadium, a high speed railway terminus, and a park located nearby for convenience and recreation, thereby facilitating quality family time. Its exact address is Bukit Batok West Avenue 6, which is close to the Lake District in Jurong, which houses numerous shopping centres catering to a lot of anchor tenants.

Le Quest Mix Development F&B Coffeeshop

Full details on the pricing for Le Quest is currently not available. However, from all indications, housing units range from a studio to a 4 bedroom facility, with starting prices of $588k for a studio, and $1,380k for a 4 bedroom unit. These prices are thought to be competitive in comparison to those for other developments nearby. In fact, although the selling price that is estimated is not yet available, it is felt that the target final price is the lowest in the region. There appears to be a concern about the current sparse population surrounding the Le Quest condo, as this might cause significantly reduced demand for the units. However, there are plans afoot to address that concern.

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