Le Quest Phase 1 Fully Sold and Phase 2 to be Announced Soon

With that the Le Quest can be located near to Central Business District of a city or town, therefore, this means that many of the tenants will be mostly looking out for smaller units for rental and is offered by the Le Quest with most significantly favorable to them.

Le Quest Phase 1 Units Sold

Moreover, in Le Quest there is a commercial development with retail shops. This can be more of important to the rental units in the development to improve the accessibility for shopping and also provide for retailers with interests to engage in commercial activities. Le Quest Phase 1 is fully sold and the developer will be announcing details for phase 2 soon.

Le Quest Phase 2 Details Announcing Soon

Le Quest development also has close proximity to shopping centers which is relevant by being an all-inclusive shopping centre to all the tenants who are interested in the development. Also there is close proximity to the drive ins and movie platforms which can provide for a movie watching platform to your family during weekends. Le Quest Phase 1 is fully sold on preview date. Around 280 units were sold.

Le Quest Phase 1 All Sold on Preview Date

Le Quest by Qingjian Realty tend to offer full and unique facilities for the family and friends to relax in after their work. These facilities include a full pools as well as an indoor gyms for work out and general fitness after work. The Le Quest by Qingjian Realty Land scape designers and architects include the ADDP architects LPP and Ecoplan Asia Pte Ltd.

They tend to have a good track record on architectural and design activities hence suitable for this type of development. Therefore this development can be significant to any individual and tenant who has interested in it for both residential and commercial purposes.

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